How We Help

You Deserve an Unmatched Experience

Our highly trained and professional experts stay abreast of the latest innovations in technologies. Our goal is to provide innovative solutions to help mitigate today’s challenges and widen tomorrow’s opportunities.

Project Management

At Strateion, all of our Project Managers are PMP Certified. We believe in providing the highest of expertise so that the solutions are delivered with utmost care. It’s not enough to simply provide status reports and baseline work. Each organization has separate needs ranging in different shapes and sizes. Our consultants provide the management needed for your organization, ranging from start-ups to global wide companies. We first analyze the needs of your organization, and then administer the proper management style that fits best. Our flexibility and wide range of experience allows us to handle the issues with proper care and analysis. This allows Strateion to deliver more than just the standard.

Analytics and Reporting

Strateion understands the importance of ensuring data is available, accessible and reliable to support an evidence-based approach to decision-making. More importantly, we understand how data contributes to Learning and the continuous process of analyzing a wide variety of information sources and knowledge. We believe that learning at its core is about scientific experimentation that provides organizations the capacity to rely on the best available evidence to rigorously and credibly make hard choices, improve implementation, learn more systematically, adapt approaches, and document program effectiveness.

Enterprise IT Management

Services and products require compatibility, stability, performance and security and a number of many requirements in order for it to function at its best. Without these requirements being met, a full sustainable hardware or software for any enterprise would be lacking. At Strateion, we strategize and innovate solutions that allow for better management of these services. Our team of experts dive into your organization and strategize efficiency and effectiveness.

Web Application Development

Strateion provides custom application development services for both new development and maintenance of legacy applications. Our team provides the expertise to plan, design, build, test, and implement applications fully integrated into your business process. Strateion believe that any solution should be scalable, reliable and robust. We plan and architect solutions that are secure, scalable, reliable and robust.  Afterall, we believe solutions must continue to adapt as your business evolves. Strateion has the technical skill and knowledge to create secure solutions that will provide you and your customers peace of mind.

Integration Management

It’s not enough to simply propose a solution and call it a job well done. Every organization has a process that has been a part of the company for a long period of time. In order for a solution to work, it needs to be properly integrated within the organization. All external and internal factors need to be taken into account. Strateion has developed and adheres to a standard operations framework for information management systems development, testing, deployment, maintenance, and enhancement. We have experience in designing mission-critical networks; defining architecture and requirements for highly-available web applications; and in performing systems integration.